Upright Furniture Dolly Thank you.
I am currently suffering from a concussion and experiencing unusual severe sensory sensitivity. I am looking for an Angel to loan me their RV or Tiny House for the winter so that I may place it in quiet, secure spot in Boston Hills and reside in allowing quiet time for my brain to heal. I have a long list of references. If you normally pay to store your RV and want to avoid that cost this year,...
NEEDED: A guinea pig cage. I currently have a small dog crate and it isn't large enough. I'd be willing to trade. Thank you!
Hi. I m looking for anthing Spongebob related. My son on the autism spectrum loves him.
Looking for either a ramp or a lift that will hook into a hitch to haul a Companion II scooter around.
Looking for a guitar for a beginner.
Looking for beads (any size), roving for spinning, satin rat tail (any color), and any gently used jewelry tools. Will also take broken jewelry also.
Looking for used fire pit. I don t mind if it s old, just not falling apart from rust. I can likely pick it up if it will fit in my SUV.
I'm a 49 yr old widow looking to get her health back in order. Thank you and God bless.
Looking for about 40 used 2x4s
I still wanna know who has pc games they don't want or have too many,and don't mind giving them away.i like match 3 and hidden object games. winters coming. also, if anyone wants to get rid of chrochet yarn, I need it. heres 2 ways to reach me barberarlethia@GMAIL.COM OR aRLETHIA bARBER 769 bEST ST.#106 bUFFALO. ny 14211
Description: vw camper or short bus open to posible trade for my 1986 monte ss
I am looking for canning jars, regular and wide mouth, quart or pint. Will pick up anywhere from Williamsville to Salamanca/Little Valley Help!
Looking for rugs of all sizes. Small or Large. Just not something real dirty. Also looking for rug pads or anything to help cushion the floor. Please contact!
Looking for a single or double bed..buffalo area.thank you in advance
Does anyone have a extra full size mattress and box spring in good condition the bed we had to be returned to rent a center if anyone can help us out with a bed I would greatly appreciate it sleeping on the couch and recliner is getting very uncomfortable would also need it delivered as I'm disabled and can't drive anymore I'm in lackawana area
Unemployed professional seeking a refurbished laptop for job search related activities. The motherboard on my computer is no longer working and I'm not in a financial position to repair it or replace it. I appreciate any assistance you can provide.
I am an artist who uses video tapes and audio cassette tapes in my work. I m looking for any VHS or cassette tapes. I use them to make tables, shelving and more. Thank you!
I love to chrochet and play match3 and hidden object games on desktop pc. if you have pc games that you no longer want or need, send them to me. 2 ways to get me 1. barberarlethia@gmail.com or Mrs. Arlethia Barber 769 Best street #106 Buffalo,NewYork 14211 thanx
Our district is expanding their Universal Prekindergarten program and offering 18 additional families FREE Prekindergarten! The new classroom is desperately in need of any and all educational supplies/materials!
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